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I attempted to use the AzBot and it doesn't work. If it is no longer active it should be removed from the page.

new download[edit]

I just downloaded fuze on my mac and it won't let me download anything more then 500mb. I'm trying to download entourage but it only comes up with trailers. any help?

Gee I wish the wiki would sress more that the settings are for ONE machine and should be halved for more....or ???
I'm just trying to seed and help with a dedicated connection and THAT was my problem. I really don't have the time to debug and/or check java code.
and in itty bitty print at the top is the recommendation. I'm trying to be compliant, trusting and such but, dammit, anyway please stress this point better.
it might piss off people trying to help ina big way......cheers