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1st Vote:

This page does not explain how http seeding helps your download speed, or if it might hinder it as well. I don't really understand a lot about this source of downloading.


2nd Vote:


This explanation probably makes sense for people that already know what "http seeding" is.

But since this wiki is for people that don't know what http seeding is (such as me), please recommend revising the explanation so it's understandable for us.

And yes, it would be good to include some practical considerations. Why might we use it? Why is it Off by default?

After your organization has worked hard developing the programming to provide the option, why not help us to use it?

-n- 11 Aug 2010

- - - - -

Yea please do what he says! -Ben-

- - - - -

Lets approach this from a practical angle. The function is named "Support for HTTP seeding." And there's a checkbox.

What the user wants to know: Are there additional capabilities activated by Enabling the checkbox? If we enable the checkbox, are we limiting any other functionality [protocols]? If nothing is lost and there is only gain, then why wouldn't we want to enable the checkbox? Indeed, why shouldn't the HTTP be on continuously if nothing is lost, so the GUI can eliminate the checkbox?

The checkbox implies there are pluses and minuses, depending on whether you Check or not.

Where's the information to enable us to make a choice?

There's a link in the GUI promising "details," and it points to an article that includes:

  • The first line explains that HTTP seeding allows the HTTP protocol. That is partially redundant, and doesn't explain why you wouldn't want to check the checkbox.
  • Then there's a statement about two other seeding specifications (protocols?) used. How can we use that information to make the choice?
  • The link to the BitTorrent Specification does not help to make the choice, either.

Remember, it's not stealing -- it's sharing.

-n- 02 Nov 2010

HTTP Seeding allows the torrent creator to specify a fallback http:// based url for peers to download pieces from. It is only useful if you are the original creator and actually have a web server serving up the file.

Adding another vote here to revise this Wiki entry ... I came here trying to learn what HTTP Seeding is, and whether I should check it or leave it unchecked .... and I leave here still wondering the answer.

-TE- 14 MAR 2011

The page also does not explain how one can encrypt for connections to seeders, important as some seeders do not allow unencrypted connections. How does one do this? John W. 11 Jan 2012.