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  • It would be nice if someone could add an explanation about why it seems that even though there is a large swarm you don't quickly connect to all of them, or a greater proportion. Also, are there any ways to increase average download speed in a limited swarm? For example I often get say 20kB/s download speed while it says total is at around 300kB/s (presumably the request message overhead?) but if there was a way to switch everyone to larger chunks we should all speed up, no? Particularly since I'm on 100Mbps fiber but it seems memory/cpu/disk resources are limiting the amount I can contribute, i.e. with this setup I'll usually never go above 1 Mbps (max 4 Mbps) total speed and about 100kB/s download speed. Seems I could just download the file and host it faster by FTP.. so is this a terminal problem due to a lack of computing resources on my end, inefficiency , or just lack of options due to slowness of other clients?
  • I'm not sure what you mean by "the total is at around 300kB/s" I think that number refers to the total speed of everybody in the entire swarm put together. It would be rediculous if you were downloading at 20 with an overhead of 300, no? For your personal computer, the speed is 20 kbps, not 300.