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That's a hell of a lot of issues for a piece of software and you want me to invest my time troubleshooting to see which is the issue facing me and you want to provide me with the information to work around the problem? How bout you get all these issues fixed then re-release Vuze.

  • If I understand you correctly, you want us to fix the issues with the other applications causing Azureus to disappear? And to answer your question, yes, the idea is that if users have a bug and we have no idea how it happens, that at least one of the more technically inclined users will help us troubleshoot the problem so that we can either reproduce it and fix it, or fix it with out reproducing it.

If vuze keeps disappearing randomly, put this in a batch file and run that (for window users):

remark N.B. this batch file probably needs to be run from the directory where azureus.exe resides...

start /wait azureus.exe
goto a

Fix it yourself[edit]

I agree. Shouldn't the responsibility fall on Vuze to control and maintain system errors? I'm not sure I signed up for this. Besides, I'm too busy with my own homework to take on this homework.