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If your torrent stops at 97% or 98% completion, read the Bad torrents page first.

Still getting good transfer (but hash fails increasing)[edit]

If you look at the console or other debugging info, you may find a piece of data is detected as bad by the integrity checking function ("hash failure"). This is most likely caused by a bad router ("What is NAT box", "Broadband router") that is consistently mangling a specific piece-data packet.

Some routers employ a trick called game mode, rewriting internal and external IP address bytes within incoming and outgoing packets. This allows older games that hard-code IP addresses to function behind a NAT setup. However, when such an address-byte sequence is coincidentally present within a file being sent via the BitTorrent protocol, the router mistakenly rewrites the data. This changes the content of the packet, which fails hash-checking. Any incoming packet that has a byte sequence that happens to match the address byte sequence is susceptible to mangling, an event estimated to happen once for about every 4GB of data transferred.

There are several ways to fix or get around the problem:

  1. Do not run your router in DMZ mode (where packets not explicitly forwarded are routed by default to a single machine), as many routers seem to employ game mode-like mangling by default for DMZ-bound traffic. Instead, you should enable explicit Port forwarding on your router for the Azureus incoming port.
  2. If your router has such a game mode option (many do not, even though they mangle anyway), turn it off.
  3. If you have done the above two, try connecting directly to the Internet (i.e. bypass your NAT router entirely, by switching to bridge mode or by taking out your router if it's seperate from your modem) to finish off the last piece. Be sure to have all your latest OS patches and make sure you have a decent firewall otherwise your computer will get compromised in minutes.

Since Azureus you can also try to enable encryption since it encrypts the data transport and thus it'll be less likely that the router will damage the same content twice.

Also, make sure you use the latest Azureus version.

Please note: There is a possible solution that will only work once for every download and only when your ISP assigns a dynamic external IP address to you. Simply disconnect/reconnect to the internet and hope that the IP changes. If that happens, your router will mangle another (different) byte sequence and you might be able to finish the download. But the next time a block contains the new byte sequence that'll happen again, thus it's only a temporary solution if you can't disable game mode/DMZ on your router.

Your transfer speed on this torrent has dropped[edit]

Anti-leech protection may be working to ensure that you share your file with others. Azureus does not do this, but some other BitTorrent clients do.

Your torrent has stopped downloading completely[edit]

It possible that the Availability is too low because there are no seeds or peers with the needed pieces to finish the download or it simply is a bad torrent. For stuck torrents, you may be able to find another torrent with the same file using Swarm Merging.

Another possibility: Some routers/firewalls detect data that matches address byte sequences as IP Spoofing. Check your router/firewall security log for IP spoofing entries. If you find entries for the Azureus incoming port you are using, you need to disable IP spoofing detection. You may need to disable the firewall function entirely.

Other possible solutions[edit]

Check what the remaining 0.1% is. Open up the torrent's Details and go to the Files tab to see which file is incomplete. If it is Thumbs.db, desktop.ini or .DS_Store, right-click the file and choose Set Priority -> Do not download. Operating systems sometimes generate these files when you browse a directory or folder. Such hidden system files on your computer are protected and cannot be replaced with the version from the download, so Azureus will keep trying to re-download it.

If the file is a text or readme file, you may ignore it if it is not essential. If all else fails, stop and restart the torrent again. If that fails, click Transfer -> Pause to stop all torrents, exit Azureus, wait three minutes, then run Azureus and click Transfer -> Resume.

There might also be a media indexer software active in your system, which modifies e.g. MP3 files by adding tag information to them.

For instance, Windows Media Player (WIMP) is set to "retrieve additional information from the Internet by default. Those files, such as AlbumArt.jpg, are added to the torrent's folder, so Vuze will report errors.

In Windows XP and Windows Media Player 11: To turn off that behavior, go to Windows Media Player > Tools > Options > Library > Automatic media information updates for files, and uncheck the box for "Retrieve additional information from the Internet."

You will still have the opportunity to manually use the Tagging functions in Windows Media Player to retrieve album art, etc., for each piece of media. One strategy might be to back up the torrent on a different hard drive, and to add the additional media information to the backup copy. That would leave the original torrent file [or folder] free from those additional files, and leaving Vuze to continue sharing smoothly and safely.

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