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Source Code

The Vuze client application source code is available under GPL version 2.


Some members of our community have asked whether there is a license incompatibility with our use of SWT, which is licensed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL).

Unfortunately, it is not entirely clear whether combining GPLv2 code with EPL code must always create a license incompatibility, especially when the combination is through a standard interface, and not a derivative work. Also see this article from Eclipse Foundation, which goes into more detail about the EPL and GPL perspectives on the subject.

While we cannot solve the larger question of defining which combinations of EPL and GPL code may be permissible, Vuze Inc, as the copyright holder of the source code, and therefore the licensor under GPLv2, wants to make it clear that Vuze does not object to the limited use of the EPL-licensed SWT within Vuze as a license exception.