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Auto-Speed-Beta is an algorithm introduced in 2007. It has the following goals:

  • Allow the client to download in the background without interfering too much with normal web surfing
  • Automatically determine line speed limits used by the control algorithm
  • When download, maximize download rate over uploading.


  1. Go to Transfer options page
  2. Navigate to Auto Speed node
  3. Select Auto speed (beta) as the algorithm to be used
  4. Enter the Auto Speed (beta) config page

Algorithm selection page[edit]


Auto-Speed selector

Algorithm: drop down allows the user to select.
Auto-Speed (classic) previous algorithm used.
Auto-Speed (beta) new beta algorithm.
Enable when download and seeding has the algorithm run all the time.
Enable when seeding has the algorithm run only when seeding content.

Network Details

Network: displays the name of the ASN (i.e. ISP) of your public IP address.
Upload limit: Current estimate of the upload capacity for this network and how accurate it is.
Download limit: Current estimate of the download capacity for this network.
The upload and download setting are set in the section below. Put the value in kilo-bytes/second in the box and then select the estimate rating in the drop-down box. The value become active immediately.
The drop down has the following options.
Estimate select this one to allow more searching to override.
Measured between Estimated and Manual in confidence of setting.
Manual select this one to prevent overriding of this setting.
Reset network detailsThis button will erase the history for the network, which is persistent across sessions and start the limit search process all over.

NOTE: It is important to always press the Save button to make the changes active.


Auto Speed beta configuration page[edit]


The main setting is to set how big portion of your upload capacity is used by Vuze. It is limited to be 80% of the known/estimated capacity, which conforms to suggestions in Good settings.

Note: You can optionally enter some text into the beta debug log here, but it could be useful only if you are sending that log to the developers, so for most users it will not be used.

Algorithm details[edit]

The algorithm used DHT ping times to decided if it needs to adjust the current rates. Lower ping times responses indicate the network is not congested, high ping rates indicates that it is.

The application used three ping sources to monitor. If it determine one of the ping sources is significantly slower then the others it will replace them.