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If you have arrived at this page due to Azureus reporting an SWT update problem then you need to fix it! Not doing so will prevent ALL future updates (core and plugins) from occurring.

SWT (the Standard Widget Toolkit) is the graphical library used by Azureus and is normally installed into the Azureus installation directory. It is created by Eclipse and be downloaded from their site: http://www.eclipse.org/swt/

Some packaged distributions however use a shared SWT installation that can't be automatically updated. In this case you will need to obtain a newer packaged distribution from your supplier or alternatively install Azureus yourself by downloading it from the Azureus website

In order for Azureus to function correctly it is important that it runs with the latest version of this library. In particular, if the library is not updated as required, this will prevent the automatic updating of other Azureus components such as plugins and future core versions.

If you are a Azureus port builder, a distro that includes their own customized SWT, or someone who has built their own Azureus, and you wish to continue to receive Azureus updates (SWT, Core, and Plugin), you must place your SWT files in the following location:

Unix types & Windows: The Azureus program directory

OS X: In Azureus.app (or the name of the azureus .app file), under /Contents/Resources/Java/