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The Save Path plugin provides the user with more control over categorising downloads and where they are saved.


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The plugin is mainly intended for those who want to put downloads in particular directories (maybe based on the tracker they belong to, or the category they are defined with), but who also want to use the move-on-completion and move-on-removal functionality in Azureus. It was mainly inspired by the AzCatDest plugin.

Azureus supports the setting of a "relative path" element on a download, where it is used when determining the default data location for a download. So when Azureus decides where to store the download, it will normally be the path of default-data-dir / relative-path-element. There is no other plugin which sets this relative path element.

So, for example, you could set up Azureus to store downloads at the following location:

  • Incomplete downloads: c:\downloads\incomplete
  • Complete downloads: c:\downloads\complete
  • Removed downloads: c:\downloads\removed

You can then use the Save Path plugin to then set the relative path element, so downloads will be stored in locations like:

  • c:\downloads\incomplete\music
  • c:\downloads\complete\video
  • c:\downloads\removed\

The first two examples is where the category name is used, the last example is where the tracker name is used for the relative path element.


So, for example, imagine you install the plugin, and you want to store all downloads in sub-directories based on what the category name is.

What you would do, is go to Options -> Plugins -> Save Path Plugin and set the profile option for new downloads to be "Category". That will set the relative path setting for all new downloads to use the category.

Then you just need to set it for existing downloads - select all items, right click (or use the Torrent menu) and choose Save Path -> Category. And then all downloads will use the category as their relative path.

The downloads won't be moved right away though - read the "Limitations" section for more information.


As of version 0.3 of the plugin, you have four different "sources" to determine the path element:

  • None (no relative path element).
  • Manual (allows a manually entered relative path element to be set).
  • Category (bases the relative path element on the category of the download).
  • Tracker (sets the tracker name to be the relative path element).

These settings are called "profiles" - you can choose which "profile" to apply to a download. There are also two columns so you can see what profile and current relative path are in use for each download.


At the moment, the relative path element will only be used when the download is being moved-for-completion or moved-for-removal. If you stop a download, change the relative path, and then start it again, the data will not automatically be moved. This should be fixed in a later version. (Note - this is fixed in version 1.2.)

Also, if you are using a version of Azureus earlier than, the relative path element will not be used for incomplete downloads. You will need to use or later.

Comparison against AzCatDest[edit]

The AzCatDest plugin does something quite similar to the Save Path plugin - in some cases, users will want to use that instead of the Save Path plugin (though my goal is to make the AzCatDest plugin obsolete). :)

Here's a quick guide comparing the features of the plugins (comparing AzCatDest 0.0.1 and Save Path 1.1.2):

  • AzCatDest can save to locations outside of the default save directory.
  • AzCatDest will move files immediately, whereas Save Path will only move files at certain points of a download's life (when first started, when completed, when removed).
  • Save Path can use other pieces of data to decide what path to save to other than Category (currently a manually entered value and the tracker name).
  • Save Path integrates with the move-on-completion and move-on-removal functionality, AzCatDest doesn't.

The things which AzCatDest can do that Save Path can't are things I am likely to address in the future.

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