6to4 Adapter Removal

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Some users have been reporting issues with startup times that are related to there being a huge number of network adapters in their systems with names like

   net232	(6TO4 Adapter) 
   net100	(Microsoft 6to4 Adapter #85) 

Things can be improved by deleting these: see


You need to first go to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/311272 and click on the link to download Devcon.exe, click on it to run it and it will open a 'unzip to folder' dialog. Type in something like C:\Temp\devcon - this will extract files into


If you have a 32 bit version of Windows the folder you're interested in is


If 64 bit then


Now download http://www.ryanvictory.com/downloads/6to4remover.zip

and unzip this file into

C:\Temp\devcon\i386 or \ia64 as appropriate

Look in that folder, you should now have two files in there:

6to4remover.bat devcon.exe

Double click the 6to4remover.bat file to run it.