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How do I pair my Vuze client to my Android device?

If you do not have Vuze Remote app installed on your Android device, and you do not have a QR Code scanner app, you can download Vuze Remote for Android from the Google Play Store.

The first time you set-up the Vuze Remote, you'll need to establish a link between the Vuze Bittorrent Client from your desktop you wish to control and Vuze Remote for Android.

  1. Open the Vuze Bittorrent Client you wish to control and click Tools in the menu bar.
  2. Select Remote Pairing.
  3. A Remote Access Code will be generated.
  4. On your android device, either:
    • Open your QR Scanner App and scan in the QR code provided. If you have Vuze Remote installed, the QR Scanner App should prompt you to launch with either a web browser or with "Vuze Remote". If you do not have Vuze Remote installed yet, you will be sent to the Google Play store.
    • Lauch the Vuze Remote for Android application, and enter the access code from the Vuze Bittorrent Client into the 'Remote Access Code' box, and press Connect.

Vuze Remote for Android

Note: If at step 3 you see a red warning message stating that ' Vuze isn't accessible outside of your local network' you will still be able to control Vuze when connected to your local wifi.

How do I manually install the app?

Releases of the apk are available in the Vuze SVN repository:

How do I add a Transmission UI?

From the blue Login Screen, select the underlined "Advanced Login" link towards the bottom of the screen.


If you have a MENU button on your device, press it and choose "ADVANCED LOGIN"


From the Profile Selection Screen, select the "NEW ADVANCED REMOTE" menu option on the top action bar. If it's not displayed, click the "More" dots or the menu button on your device.

If you are already remotely controlling a client, open the drawer by clicking on the Vuze Remote icon, and select "Log Out". Follow the instructions above for the Profile Selection screen

Can I control more than one client?

Yes. To add another remote, simply scan in another QR Code, or Log Out of your existing remote, and choose the menu options to add a new remote.

How do I stream video to my Chromecast?

Download a Chromecast player such as vCast. Then, the in the Files tab of Vuze Remote, select a video, and click the View icon (the eyeball). Choose vCast or the Chromecast player you just installed.

Video Playback is usually limited to the types of videos Chromecast supports. Future versions of Vuze Remote will include video conversion.

How do I install the app on my Android TV?

The App is listed on the Google Play Store, however, there is no way to browse to it directly. You can, however, find it with the search term "Vuze".

Alternatively, you can install it by going to Google Play Store in a web browser, and clicking the "Install" or "Installed" button. A dialog should open up with a drop down list of your devices. Select your Android TV, and click Install. After a few minutes, your Android TV should automatically download the app.