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How to get the arrow keys to move torrent selections up and down in Mac OS X[edit]

Okay, everybody, this is yet another weird SWT issue, but here is a workaround that does the trick, for now:[edit]

Please ensure the "#" column is enabled in My Torrents view. This may be done by Ctrl-clicking on any column, selecting "Column Setup", ticking the box next to the "#" column, drag and dropping it to where you would like it to be in the window, and clicking "OK" or "Apply Now".

Click on the "#" column to (apparently) sort/reverse/sort the numbered torrents. There may be no noticeable response to this action, but please do it anyway.

The arrow keys should now function normally to move the selection highlight up and down.

Please note: This will not move the actual torrents themselves, just the selection highlight.

Well, it's a start...

Read the Azureus FAQ