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Although the centrally managed friends infrastructure was removed in Vuze the underlying tooling still exists and is functional, albeit requiring the manual distribution of your global friend identity. If you're happy to do this then it opens up a number of fully decentralised (i.e. all communication is directly with your friends, no communication goes anywhere near third-parties) features to you:

Chat with your friends Send torrents to your friends Set up subscriptions with your friends

Due to the decentralised nature there is no store-and-forward mechanism if any parties are not online.

All communication is end-to-end encrypted using your friend key.

To use this feature you first need to turn on the friends feature. Go to tools->options->plugins->friends, check the 'enabled' box and set yourself up a nickname.

Once enabled you can now go to tools->plugins->friends to manage your friend details. The most important thing to note is the set of controls at the top. On the right there is your global friend key - click on it to copy it to the clipboard. This is what you need to send to your friends so that they can add you as friends in their Vuze. One the left there is a text box and a button - this is how you add your friends to your list - when they send you their public key paste it in to the box and hit the button.

Note that for communication to occur between you and your friend you *both* need to add each other as friends - if one or the other doesn't do this then it won't work!

The table below shows your current friends' status. You can right-click on the entries to interact with them, delete them etc.

Once you have friends you can do the following:

  • Chat with them by going to the Friends view, right-clicking on one or more of them and selecting 'chat'
  • Send them a torrent - right click on a torrent in your library and select the 'Send To Friend' menu option
  • Share a category of torrents with them as a subscription. To do this create a category (right-click on a torrent and assign a category) and then right-click on the category button that appears in the library view and select 'enable subscription with friends'. Once you have done this your friend is able to go to their Friends view, right click on your friend entry in the table and select the categories->subscribe item. This will create an entry in your Subscriptions library view that shows all the torrents that your friend adds to that category.

Friend Boost[edit]

When you and one or more friends are downloading the same torrent you will benefit from preferred peer connections to your friends. By default peer connections are placed into the 'LAN Local' rate limiting group so you can have alternative rate limits for them.