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How to host a torrent using the create a torrent wizard[edit]

Please see Host and share your torrents for information on setting up a dyndns account or similar. You will need this if you have a dynamic IP, and don't want to repeat this procedure every time your IP changes.

Go to Tools>Options>Tracker and add your new hostname in the box labelled Tracker external IP address. Please note: Unless you have a static IP address, it will NOT be good to add your IP in this box, since you will in that case need to create a new torrent every time your IP changes.

Creating and hosting a torrent in Vuze requires several steps:

  1. Creating the .torrent file, which describes the contents of the data files
  2. Running the torrent in Vuze (being ready to upload, if somebody downloads)
  3. Getting somebody to download it from you (using the information in the .torrent file)

Creating the Torrent[edit]

Go to File > New Torrent (or, click on the 2nd icon from the left in the toolbar near the top of the Azureus window, the one that looks like a piece of paper). The Create a Torrent Wizard will appear.

Options available:

  1. Use Azureus Embedded Tracker: Enable this if you wish to seed this torrent from your own tracker. Disable this by selecting Use External Tracker if you want the torrent hosted from other tracker or trackers. If this option is enabled, then you will find your own announce URL already entered in the Announce URL field below. This is for your convenience.
  2. Use SSL: This is normally disabled. If you feel you must enable it, please ensure that all the relevant SSL details in View>Configuration>Tracker are configured correctly, otherwise this torrent will not work. Please see ThisFunnyWord for more information about what SSL is.
  3. Use an external Tracker: Enable this if you wish to host this file from another tracker that is not your own. You may enter the Announce URL of the external tracker in the field labelled Announce URL:
  4. Add Multi-Tracker information to the torrent: Please note, that even though it appears that you are unable to select both to Use Azureus Embedded Tracker and Use and external Tracker, both may be included in the .torrent file if this option is enabled. Multiple announce URLs may be added further on.
  5. Single File: This option is for if you wish to share only one individual file.
  6. Directory: This option is for if you wish to share a directory of multiple files. Multiple files in random directories may not be shared, if you wish to share a group of files, please make one directory especially for them, or put all the files you wish to share into one existing directory. Please also ensure that there are no files in that directory which you wish not to share. If you are on a Mac, "Directory" is the same thing as "Folder", so choose Directory if you wish to share a folder with more than one file in it. Otherwise, just choose File. Important: If the file or folder contains an application (software), it is a good idea to either "zip" it, or make a .dmg file of it (on Mac OS), to make it less likely to become corrupted whilst it is being shared.
  7. Comment: If you are anything like me, you may find it difficult to resist commenting about anything that comes your way. If this is the case, or even if there is some note you wish to make about your .torrent which you want all the people in the swarm to know, please type that comment into this field provided. If any of the peers are using Azureus, this comment will be displayed in the General tab of the specific torrent view. A note about the Comment field: If you enter a comment, and then come back to it later by pressing the Back button, the text you entered before will vanish. So please enter your comment carefully, and try not to go back to that view in the Wizard, or you will need to enter that text again. Hopefully this will be fixed in future versions.
  8. About Drag and Drop: It says in Azureus configuration, and in this Wizard, that one may Drag and Drop files or directories onto the Wizard and they may be added that way. This is not the case for Mac OS X. For some reason, there are swt (the thingy responsible for the GUI in Azureus) issues with Drag and Drop on Mac OS X, and it has "officially" been disabled for this OS. So Drag and Drop will not work for you if this is your OS. Sorry. :( For most other OSes it should work though. But since I do not use those OSes, I cannot confirm this personally.
  9. Choose a file/directory: You may enter the full accurate filepath, or you may press the browse button to choose the file or directory which you wish to share. This information will not vanish when you navigate back and forwards using the Back and Next buttons. Please note: Please ensure that the file or directory you are choosing has no spaces or funny characters in it, and no dangling spaces at the end. These can cause serious problems for some OSes, and not everybody sharing the file will necessarily have the same OS as you. So please use only letters and/or numbers in the file-name.
  10. Choose the torrent file to create: The actual .torrent file will be generated and saved in the directory you choose here. You may use the Browse button to select the location for the .torrent file to be saved. Piece Size, may be left at Auto, or you may select a piece size if you have a reason to.
  11. When the message "File saved." appears in the window, you may close the window.

Open the torrent in Vuze:[edit]

You need to "run" the torrent in your own Vuze, so that others can contact you and download the data.

  1. Go to File > Open > Torrent file. When the dialog opens, use Add file to add the correct .torrent file and remember to set Add mode of the torrent to Seeding.
  2. Choose the directory the .torrent file is in
  3. Choose the location of the file to be shared. This file must be the file that was chosen in the Wizard. Wait for Azureus to finish checking it, the .torrent will begin in the downloads window, but will end up in the seeding window after it has been checked. The progress of the checking will show up in the percentage done, which should be changing rapidly.
  4. Contextual (right) click on it in the seeding window, and select Host from the drop down menu.

Get somebody to download and use the .torrent[edit]

If nobody finds out about the .torrent file, nobody will ever download the data from you. So, somehow publish info about the torrent. You either directly send the .torrent file to others or you publish somewhere information, from where the .torrent file can be downloaded.

  1. Tell somebody about the .torrent, and the URL where it is hosted.
    • This may be your own tracker, or somebody else's, whichever you entered in the Tracker field in the Wizard.
    • More typically, it may also be a torrent index site specializing in listing available torrents. The other users will be able to download that .torrent from there, and start sharing it.
  2. If you are using your own tracker: when somebody starts sharing the file, the health icon will change to one with a hand underneath it, indicating that this is a torrent you are hosting.

Read the Azureus FAQ