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The "default directory" is the directory into which Vuze will automatically place the downloaded data files when a new torrent is opened.

By default, Vuze generates the value for the default directory option at initial setup. The value will be the subdirectory "Vuze Downloads" placed into your OS user profile home directory.

  • In Windows Vista and 7 that usually corresponds to C:\Users\<YourUsername>\Documents\Vuze Downloads
  • In Windows XP it usually corresponds to C:\Documents and Settings\<YourUsername>\My documents\Vuze Downloads
  • Note: leaving that directory inside your Windows user profile may lead into a growing Windows user profile, and that may cause trouble especially in a corporate environment. Consider manually creating a new directory outside your user profile, e.g. C:\VuzeDownloads.


However, if you have downloaded nothing yet or the default settings have got deleted for some other reason, and the setting is now empty, it may cause trouble for you in certain circumstances.

As the Web UI (Swing or HTML) opens torrents remotely, this configuration value must be specified in order for the "server" side to be able to open the torrent.

Normal GUI Interface
  • Go to Tools -> Options -> Files and set the "Default directory" option.
  • Also check the option "Automatically download to default directory"
Console Interface 
Two parameters need to be set to enable the default and specify the save location.
  • set "Use default data dir" true bool
  • set "Default save path" "/path/to/use" string

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