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On some systems you might get a warning like Data missing: Existing data file length too large [2255>2211] or Error: Existing data file length too large [1265215204>1264175648].

Typical reason for music files being locked and/or getting their length changed are some 3rd party music indexer & player programs like Roxio, Nero, Windows Media Player or something along those lines...

Those media indexers & players (like WMP, Roxio, etc.), fetch additional information from internet and possibly add that to the original file (like MP3 tags about artist and album). E.g. Windows Media Player has default behaviour of doing that. Roxio (e.g. Roxio Media Watcher) has been mentioned in the forum several times as the reason.

This is how you fix it:

  1. (optional step) Make a backup copy of the affected data file(s). Beware that if more than one file in the torrent has this problem, you will need to back these files up too, even if you do not know what the files are. Therefore you can back up the whole torrent instead if you have doubts.
  2. Stop the affected torrent
  3. Go to Options --> Mode
  4. Select "Intermediate" or "Advanced" as your User proficiency, so that you can see more options than in the "Beginner" mode.
  5. Go to Options --> Files
  6. Enable the Truncate existing files that are too large option
  7. Click the Save button
  8. Force-Recheck the torrent
  9. Start it

This should fix it.

To avoid the problem in future, configure your music player/indexed not to fetch information from internet without your permission.

Read the Azureus FAQ