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You can set the criteria governing which torrents receive first priority. First priority overrides seeding rank, so a torrent with first priority will be seeded until first priority no longer applies. Ignore Rules will not apply to torrents with First Priority. Torrents with First Priority will be labelled as such in the Seeding rank column in the upload pane. When used in conjuction with good Ignore Rules, Azureus will do a fine job of managing your torrents, ensuring you keep a good share ratio (provided you are sensible about how much you try to download), and ensuring that the least healthy torrents get priority.

Options > Queue > Seeding > First Priority

First Priority section[edit]

A share ratio under[edit]

This is the most important setting on this page. The default setting is 1:2, this will mean that your torrents become subject to the Ignore Rules once they reach a share ratio of 0.5. Since, these days, there are a large number of good torrents out there, this may result in a large number of your torrents never seeding past 0.5, leaving you with a bad Share ratio. In order to ensure the health of the bittorrent network it is a good idea to try and give back as much as you take from the network. Therefore it is a good idea to change this setting to at least 1:1(1.0).

An elapsed time since you started downloading[edit]

If you want your torrents to seed for a minimum amount of time then this is the setting you need to change, as the title suggests the elapsed time since you started downloading is the deciding factor in granting first priority.

An elapsed time since changing from seeding to downloading[edit]

This rule operates in much the same way as the last, however it guarantees every torrent will spend a minimum amount of time seeding only.

Ignore First Priority rules above for[edit]

As the title suggests this section defines the circumstances when the First Priority rules should be ignored.

Currently there are three rules available: large seed/peer ratio, 0 peers, torrent not uploading anything for a defined time period.