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These are the steps I went through to get the Swing UI working in console mode on a linux box. This does require 1 (to configure the plugin), possibly 2 (if you have problems pasting torrent links into the swing ui) steps using the GUI interface however.

  • Get azureus from here: http://azureus.sourceforge.net/download.php
  • Un-tar/zip it wherever you want to install.
  • Get the latest jar snapshot from here : SnapshotJar
  • Replace "<install dir>/Azureus2.jar" with that (rename it to Azureus2.jar)
  • Also fetch the 2 apache jars listed on that page (commons and log4j) and put them in the <install dir> directory
  • Get the latest 'webui' from http://azureus.sourceforge.net/plugins/
  • Create "<install dir>/plugins/webui/" directory
  • Unzip the webui zip in that directory
  • Launch azureus normally (graphical interface)
  • In the options screen adjust the web plugin options(set the default data directory)
  • Exit azureus
  • To launch it headless with the web plugin, run: "screen java -jar Azureus2.jar --ui=console" (without quotes) from inside the azureus folder.

The 'screen' part is optional, but handy because it allows you to disconnect from the linux box without quitting Azureus. In case you don't want use screen you can try to run a DaemonizedAzureus

then connect to http://<ip of box running azureus>:6883/

you might have problems (null pointer exceptions) pasting torrent links straight into the url bar on the swing app with non-linux pcs if so, you need to start azureus graphically, delete the torrent you just added and restart it in text mode. Then not use the url bar, instead using the HTML form for uploading torrents.

If you want Azureus to start with the Swing UI in console mode at boot time look at the HeadlessSwingUIAtBoot page