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Note: Some of those actions are generic combos for all applications and might be specific to Windows.

Keyboard only:
Key combo Meaning
Typing words Filter-as-you-type feature using Wikipedia:Regular expression (only valid in the downloading and completed torrent tables)
Ctrl+BS Clear filter-as-you-type text
Ctrl+X change filter-as-you-type to/from Regex searches
Shift+Up/Down Select torrent(s) above or below current one (multiple select)
Ctrl+Up/Down Move selected torrent(s) up/down
Ctrl+Left/Right Scroll to the left/right end
Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down Move selected torrent(s) up/down 10 spaces
Ctrl+Home/End Move selected torrent(s) to top or bottom of list
Ctrl+PgDn/PgUp Tab to the left or right (doesn't work to get out of sub-tabs like in statistics)
Ctrl+F6 Tab to the right (ignores sub-tabs)
Ctrl+F4 Close current tab
Ctrl+A Select all torrents
Ctrl+S Stop Selected torrents
Ctrl+R Resume/Start Selected torrent
Ctrl+Shift+S Stop all torrents
Ctrl+L Popup 'Open URL' window
Mouse + Keyboard:
Combo Meaning
Select, Shift + Select other row select multiple (group)
Select, Ctrl + Select other row select multiple (single)
One of the previous 2 Combos/Select, Ctrl+Shift + Select other row select multiple (multi-group)
Basic window control (under windows)
Key(s) Meaning
Tab/Shift+Tab Move between tables, buttons, tabs and other widgets
Space Press/toggle currently selected button/checkbox
Alt Open menu
Alt+underlined letter Shortcut to menu items