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This configuration option is under Options > Transfer > "Max upload slots per torrent default" in the GUI, or 'Core_iMaxUploads' in the console interface.

This option sets the number of peers you upload to for one torrent at any given time. Vuze will constantly rotate the uploading slots between the peers of that torrent, and will prioritize those peers who also upload to you (tit-for-tat).

Deciding on optimal settings is balancing between two factors:

  • The fewer slots you make available the faster you will upload to each peer.
  • However, typically bittorrent client software prefer to upload to other clients that they are receiving data from. So, making more slots available will increase your chances of getting data.
  • But making too many slots available will result in many clients will snubbing/blacklisting you because you are uploading to them too slowly.

A recommended minumum value is "Global Max Upload Speed" / "Max Active Torrents" / 5, which would leave 5 kB/s bandwidth for each slot.

NOTE: You can change this value for a specific torrent by using the entry field "Maximum number of upload slot" on the Options tab for that torrent.

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