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Debugging Plugins in Eclipse[edit]

Azureus code checked out as the "Azureus2" project

Plugin code checked out as the "azplugins" project

  • Settting up the debug command

Right-click on the plugin project, go to Properties, and include the Azureus project to the build path:

Now go to "Debug..." and create a new configuration linked to the plugin project with the main class from the Azureus project:

The arguments to supply might depend on your setup (do you want to run two or more instances of Azureus at the same time? do you want to use other user dir as your main setup?...):

  • Now, we need to tell Azureus to use the plugin project, so place the file (and only that one) found in the plugin project under (in this example) "c:\testaz\plugins\azplugins\" ...