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If you are looking for a guide to writing plugins, you should look here (a section specifically about the file in the guide is mentioned here).

Example file:

plugin.class=azplugins.aizen.AizenPlugin - Example Plugin


Required. The class file which implements the Plugin interface.[edit]

Required. A short string which will be the internal name for the plugin. This internal name gets used for various things by Azureus (it's used as a prefix for config settings used by the plugin, for example). Don't include the .java or .class file extension.[edit]

Required. A user-readable name for the plugin - this gets displayed in a few different places (like the Plugins page).


Required. The plugin version. The numbering scheme should be of the form <number>.<number>.<number> (as many components as you want) - as long as it increases from version to version. A version of 0.9 is smaller than 0.10.


Optional. The location of the language resource file (don't include the .properties file).


Optional. The minimum version of Java required (e.g. 1.6 or 6.0). Available since Azureus


Optional. The minimum version of Azureus required (e.g. Available since Azureus