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A few tips on how to reduce Azureus CPU usage[edit]

  • Stay with downloading 1 or 2 torrents at the same time. Downloading tons of torrents at the same time is normally just a waste of cpu as azureus in most cases can max out your download speed with just a few active torrents downloading. Setup config to queue max downloads to 1 or 2 and azureus will start queued downloads automatically when you have finished one torrent.
  • Under Tools->Options->Transfer: change the value in the field "Maximum number of connections per torrent" from 0 (unlimited) to the result of 300 divided by the number of active downloads you have. For example: If you have 3 downloads running at the same time (300/3=100) change the value to 100. The value of 300 in this formula can vary from 100 to 1000, depending on the Windows version and the kind of connection (dsl&router/ISDN/cable/...). Start with 300/numberofdownloads and reduce the value (300) in 10th steps until you have a stable internet connection. At the end, Azureus will run smoother and you won't get disconnected by too many socket connections.
  • Decrease update frequency of the user interface. Under Tools->Options->Interface->Display: change "Update GUI every" from 250ms to a higher value (for example 2sec). This can make a big difference under Mac OS X. Also adjust the other updating frequency options there e.g. (table sorting, graphical bars).
  • Select a low-activity window... Torrent 'General' window makes the cpu load medium/low. Torrent 'Details' window makes cpu load high/medium. 'Library' / 'My torrents' window makes cpu load low. This is just cpu load from GUI. Mac OS X is most affected by this GUI loads. On Mac OS X, minimise to dock or Hide Azureus will ease cpu load caused by the GUI.
  • Close the console window.
  • Turn off logging.
  • Turn off IP Filters. If this solves the problem, try reducing the number of IP's you're blocking.
  • Uninstall Safepeer, as it is incompatible.
  • Try removing all your plugins by moving them out of the plugins directory, both under Program Files/Azureus/plugins and Documents and Settings/~username/Application Data/Azureus/plugins. If it makes a difference, move each plugin back one by one, restarting Azureus each time to see which gives you the problem.
  • Try disabling any program that is limiting the upload speed of jawaw.exe (e.g. NetLimiter).
  • If you're keen, you might also try to tune your Java VM. The easiest option for SUN JVMs is to use the "Server VM", which triggers more involved forms of run-time optimizations (aka "Jit-Compiler"). This optimization overhead usually causes slower startup, but Azureus usually is a long running process, so this will pay off. Change your azureus start script (e. G. /usr/bin/azureus on debian) by placing "-server" as command line option, so the exec line reads like "exec java -server -Djava.library.path=[...]". For more advanced tuning tips, see the documentation of your Java VM.
  • You may also use other vendors JVMs instead of SUNs. At my office, we noticed that IBMs jvms sometimes consume about 50% less CPU compared to SUNs on the same release. There are various performance comparisons of different JVMs on the web. There might be compatibility problems with exotic JVMs, so use at your own risk, and re-check with the latest SUN JVM before reporting Azureus bugs.

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