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You may receive the error message Removal Action Vetoed when you try to delete a torrent from Vuze. There are several possible reasons for the error message, but the general main point is that you have ordered Vuze to do some extra activity for that torrent, and you should first stop that before trying to delete the whole torrent.

Media transcoding[edit]

The most typical reason is that you have the "Devices" functionality active and you are "transcoding" i.e. converting the (video) file to be suitable for playback on a media device like iPhone, Tivo, etc. Usually the exact reason is mentioned in the error message, just like "Transcoding" here:


The cure for that:

  1. Go to the Devices tab in the Sidebar on the left. The list of the media in the transcode/converting queue should be shown.
  2. Select the torrent from the list of media being converted for device playback
  3. Remove it from the converting queue by either selecting "Cancel Conversion" or "Remove" from the context-menu (right-click) or by using the Delete button in toolbar

Now you should be able to delete the torrent normally.



Other possible reason might be that you have a "Classic-Share" going on for that torrent. Then you need to use the Tools menu to go to the Classic-Shares page, and delete the share from there.

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