Running Azureus as a service

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Let's say you have a Windows 2000 box, or something along those lines, and you want to run Azureus as a service. You're usually not seated at the machine, nor logged on, but you'd like to take advantage of it.

There are several problems:

  • The user interface which will close whenever you log off. Check out ConsoleUI and you'll find how to run Azureus from the commandline.
  • Then, there's the problem of running it as a service. Check out the Microsoft knowledge base for a description on how to run anything as a service.
  • You'll then find that whenever someone logs out of the computer, Azureus will stop. That's because the Java VM is trapping some signals like WM_ENDSESSION, and exits gracefully. You can tell Java to ignore it, with the switch -Xrs, as documented by Sun.

So to solve all problems you can create an azureus.bat file that will invoke the ConsoleUI version, with the -Xrs parameter. You have your Azureus running constantly.