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Since v3.0.1.6, Vuze (then named Azureus) has supported IP Filter Autoloading.

In previous versions, additions were made manually:


Since v3.0.1.6, Vuze has been able to load and watch public lists, such as those maintained by BISS (Bluetack Internet Security Solutions). Previously these lists previously could only be used through the SafePeer plugin. At time of writing, Vuze is at v4.2 and the SafePeer plug-in is not compatible. The information following should allow you to migrate your settings.

The new functionality has been integrated into the same area as shown above. This can be found in Options > IP Filters (or Vuze > Preferences > IP Filters if you're on a Mac).

SafePeer used what BISS refers to as the "Normal IP-Filter". This is a combination of 12 different lists, some of which overlap.

The list that BISS recommends for all P2P users is the Level1 list (included in the above). They do, however, point out that it is a matter of preference. More details of these and other lists can be found here.


All that is required to migrate the SafePeer functionality, or indeed to set up IP Filter Autoloading for the first time, is to type or paste your chosen IP filter URL into the field provided, then click Load Now. Note that large files may cause the application to appear "hung" for a moment.

Here you can see the list already loaded:


If the list doesn't load on your first attempt it is likely due to one of the load-balanced servers volunteered by BISS members being temporarily down. Try again later.

If in Options > Interface > Display, you have "IPFilter Status" checked, you'll be able to see the number of ranges blocked in total in the status area:

IPFilters status.jpg