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If you have downloaded something but removed it from Azureus and wish to seed it, follow these steps[edit]

Please Note: you must have the original .torrent file. You must also have User Proficiency set to intermediate or higher for the Add Mode menu to be visible.

  • Go to File > Open > Torrent File...
  • Select the .torrent file for the data from its location on your hard drive using the Add Files button

Vuze 5100+


Vuze 5000 and before

  • Select Seeding as the Add mode for the torrent. (For downloads, the "normal" mode is Queued)
  • Select the location where the data file to be seeded is stored
  • Wait for Azureus to finish checking the data file. When it does, the torrent will move automatically from the download window into the seeding window


  • Be sure to use a correct .torrent file. When Vuze checks the data file for correct data, it will believe the .torrent file, and will overwrite differing bits of the data file. If you apply a wrong .torrent file, it is possible that you overwrite correct data in the data file.
  • If the torrent does not move into the seeding window on its own: Right-click on newly created entry in the download window of the My Torrents view. Select Force Re-check. The value in the 'Done' column will count from 0% to 100%. Upon reaching 100%, the file will be moved to the seeding list on the bottom of the Library / My Torrents view.
  • A more thorough explanation of the process can be found at the article How do you resume.

If you do not have the original .torrent file but the original data, try this[edit]

  1. Download the same .torrent file again
  2. Azureus will check it out
  3. Azureus will move it to the seeding list (the process is very quick)

Also, learn about the (almost) unlimited Ignore Rules options you could (and should) use to automatically seed and then stop your torrents and also to best support rare torrents.

Read the Azureus FAQ