Setup WebUI without GUI

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Download Vuze from and install[edit]


tar jxf
cd vuze


Download installer binary from and run it.

Install Console UI Components[edit]


Make sure you are in the vuze folder and

wget -r --level=1 -np -nH -R index.html -nd -k


Download everything from and copy to Vuze install location (ie. c:\program files\vuze)

Run Vuze and install web ui[edit]

Make sure you are in the vuze folder. For Windows, open a Command Prompt and change to the Vuze folder.

java -jar Azureus2.jar --ui=console

When the console UI is up and running:

plugin install xmwebui

When the plugin installation is complete:

pair enable

You should be presented with a Pairing Code. Write it down.

Check if Web Remote is working[edit]

From your current machine, open your favorite browser, and enter the URL:

User name is 'vuze', and the password is the pairing code you wrote down earlier

or, from a remote machine, go to and enter the pairing code.

or, if you have an android device, download Vuze Remote

Running Vuze in the future[edit]

To launch vuze in console mode in the future:

cd <path to vuze>
java -jar Azureus2.jar --ui=console

You can set up a shortcut, use screen to launch in background, or launch at start-up, etc.

Other Configuration Options[edit]

Manual Password[edit]

If you don't want to use the pairing feature to manage your login then you can set a manual user name and password by entering the following commands (for user name 'fred' and password 'red green'

set "Plugin.xmwebui.Password Enable" true boolean
set "Plugin.xmwebui.Pairing Enable" false boolean
set "Plugin.xmwebui.User" "fred" string
set "Plugin.xmwebui.Password" "red green" password