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Before submitting a debug[edit]

To give better detail into any problems, it is suggested that you first

  1. Use the Tools - Options... (in Windows) or Vuze - Preferences... (in MacOSX) menu item, navigate to the Logging configuration section, check the topmost Enable logging checkbox and then hit the Apply button.
  2. Recreate your problem: do whatever it is you normally do to reproduce your problem (so that we get logs of the action).

How to submit a debug log file[edit]

  • Select the Generate Debug Info (Crash Log) item from the Help menu dropdown.

Debug help menu.png

  • You can automatically generate a file and have it submitted to support engineers by filling in both text fields and hitting the Send Now button in the Generate Debug popup window.

Debug send report.png

  • Be sure to include a detailed description of your problem, any relevant links and/or references, and your correct email address so that we can properly locate your debug submission.
  • There is no point in submitting a that is asking for help and NOT INCLUDING A CONTACT MEANS!!! (email address or forum post link)

You can also submit your debug manually by choosing the Manual Send (create .zip) button and attaching the resulting file via

After submitting a debug[edit]

Chances are you were explicitly asked by a support engineer to generate and submit a debug file for them to examine, in order to better diagnose your problem.

After submitting your debug as described above, be sure to alert this person about your submission, giving them any relevant details (description and email address used) so that they can easily find your log.

What if the UI isn't working?[edit]

Occasionally a bug will cause the Vuze user interface to stop working - in this case it is often still possible to generate some useful diagnostic information. Obviously you can't use the UI to do this, but if you open a web browser and then browse to;0;config;log-diags;;

this will attempt to create debug info in your debug_1/2.log files contained in the 'logs' directory of your Vuze configuration folder. You can then restart Vuze and use the options above to package the data up and send it over.

Make sure you include the double ; at the end of the URL!