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When doing a search in Vuze or looking at the "Getting started" page, or looking any other page in Vuze containing embedded HTML code, you may receive the following error message (in Windows evironment):

Sorry, there was a problem loading this page. Please check your internet connection is working & click retry to continue

The exact error message will vary according to your OS. Alternatively, the page may remain empty and the search does not complete.

Most likely the error message comes from the embedded browser code, which Vuze uses for displaying the Getting Started, search results, Plus pages etc. For some reason your current browser is incompatible with the current Vuze code. In Windows, the default embedded browser components are from Internet Explorer (IE) and in Linux they are the Mozilla/Xulrunner components.


Most likely the error message comes from the embedded Internet Explorer (IE) code. Your IE version is probably incompatible with the current Vuze code. As the current Vuze has been coded to work with the current IE interface, Vuze does not work ok with some of the old IE versions.

Note: Even if you normally use Firefox or Chrome or whatever for web surfing, Vuze still utilizes IE components to display the web contents, unless you have explicitly configured (in Vuze options) it to use Mozilla components (for advanced users only).

Update software components[edit]

To solve the problem, you might:


It looks like Vuze is not fully compatible with the updated Firefox 4, and may require you to install Xulrunner components separately. Based on forum discussion, you might need to install Mozilla Xulrunner 1.9.2 components.

Test Vuze search manually[edit]

In order to eliminate possible firewall/network/DNS problems, you should also test that you can access the search results directly from your web browser. As Vuze uses IE, test this test link with IE:

  • If the link works in IE, then the error is somewhere between Vuze and IE
  • If the link does not work in IE but works with other browser (like Firefox), then the error is in IE settings.
  • If it does not work with any browser, then the error is somewhere in network connectivity (e.g. anti-virus or firewall blocklists).

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