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Custom formatting is available for some user interface components such as rate display.

To allow flexibility and extensibility the format overrides are specified using a series of lines of the form

<component name> : <format specification>

Component names currently defined are

title.rate    Rate format for the main Vuze window title (when enabled)
column.size   Column size formatting in library views (5621_B04+)

Format specifications define how the component's value is displayed. They are made up of a number of parameters separated by commas:

format_specification: <format_parameters> (, <format_parameters>)*

format_parameters: <format_parameter> (; <format_parameter>)*

    units=<unit> (&<unit>)+
        [;hide=(y|n)] [;short=(y|n)] [;rate=(y|n)]

format_pattern: see link below

unit: b|k|m|g|t

Format patters are described here:

For example, to change the rate display used for the main Vuze window (and hence task-bar information) to just use kilobytes, hide the rate unit and show two decimal places

title.rate: units=k;hide=y, format=0.00

To show column sizes in MB with 3 decimal places and rounded up

column.size: units=m, format=0.000;round=up