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Clearing settings[edit]

If you just want to reset your Vuze settings, delete the file 'azureus.config' and 'azureus.config.bak' from your Azureus configuration directory.

A new Reset option was added to Mode options in version for clearing the settings. In the older Vuze clients (before version, there was no built-in command to clear the settings, so you would have to do it manually.

One way to clear the settings manually:

  1. For Windows:
    1. close Vuze
    2. go to Start > Run
    3. type cmd /k DEL "%appdata%\Azureus\Azureus.config*" and hit Enter
    4. restart Vuze
  2. For Mac:
    1. close Vuze
    2. go to ~/Library/Application Support
    3. delete the folder in that directory named Vuze (or whatever your installation of Vuze is called)
    4. restart Vuze

Preserving settings related to active downloads[edit]

If you want to re-install Vuze and would like to keep your active downloads and .torrents, make sure that they you do not delete them along the other settings. Preseve the file 'downloads.config' and the directory 'active' in your configuration directory.

Uninstall Azureus[edit]

Please note that uninstalling Azureus does not clear the settings. You have to do that separately.


Uninstall & delete program itself:

  • Uninstall Azureus through Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs (or "Programs and Features" in Vista/Windows7).
  • Delete the folder %programfiles%\Azureus (usually c:\Program Files\Azureus) or %programfiles%\Vuze (usually c:\Program Files\Vuze) in newer Vuze installations

If you want to also delete all settings:

  • Delete %appdata%\Azureus folder with all its contents. That is usually
  • C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Azureus in Windows XP
  • C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Azureus in Vista and Windows 7

Unattended uninstall[edit]

Vuze/Azureus uses install4j installer, so its commandline options should work.

  • There is the switch '-q' for quiet/unattended uninstall.
Running the uninstaller with that option from commandline removes Vuze silently:
C:\Program Files\Vuze\uninstall.exe -q
  • Note: If you are using Vista or Windows 7, make sure that the command prompt has admin rights, or you will get the UAC prompt requiring user interaction.


Depending on your distribution/package system you can either uninstall Azureus via the package manager and remove the ~/.azureus configuration directory or search (with locate, find or whereis) for the directories that contain azureus.config and Azureus2.jar and delete both directories.

Mac OS X[edit]

  • Drag the Azureus icon to the trash.
  • Delete the /Users/<username>/library/Application Support/Vuze folder.

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