Vuze did not shutdown tidily

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When you start Vuze, you may receive a warning saying "Vuze did not shutdown tidily". What does that mean?


It means that when Vuze started, it noticed that some of its configuration files were not written properly last time when a Vuze session ended. As a consequence, Vuze possibly needs to check all your active downloads for errors, which check may take quite some time.

If you know that your last Vuze session crashed (and/or it disappeared), you already know that there was something wrong and the message does not surprise you. You might look here for possible reasons why Vuze crashed.

But if that did not happen, the message may come as a surprise to you. Typical reasons for the warning message:

  • You have not exited Vuze properly before closing your computer. You have maybe thought that you exited it when you closed the window, but you didn't. You need to "exit" Vuze before turning your computer off. It is not enough that you just "close" the Vuze window. You need to either:
    • Select 'Exit' from the context menu that you can open from the Vuze icon at taskbar notification area (system tray), or
    • Select Exit from the File menu in Vuze's main window.
  • There is something wrong with your permissions to write into the Vuze configuration directory. Make sure that you have enough rights to write to that directory. That is especially true with Windows Vista and Windows 7, which protect user profiles and C:\Program Files directories much more strictly than Windows XP and earlier.
    • You get easiest forward with Vista and Windows 7, if you
      1. Give yourself & Everyone "read & write / full rights" to Vuze program folder (C:\Program Files\Vuze)
      2. Also give Everyone full rights to Vuze configuration directory (e.g. C:\Users\yourUsername\Appdata\Roaming\Azureus)
      3. Locate the downloaded files ("library" / default download directory) to somewhere else than your profile or Vuze program directory ( and make sure that you / everyone has write rights to that directory ). For example, create a new folder like C:\VuzeDownloads and tell Vuze to use that as default directory.
    (Folder permissions are handled in each folder's properties in Windows Explorer, from Security tab.)