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To verify Vuze is setup in Windows Firewall correctly, follow these steps on Windows 7:

  1. Close Vuze if it's already running
  2. In Control Panel, select System Security
    Win7Firewall Step1.png
  3. Click "Allow a program through Windows Firewall
    Win7Firewall Step2.png
  4. Find "Azureus" or "Azureus / Vuze", and ensure BOTH Public and Private checkboxes are checked
    Win7Firewall Step3.png
  5. If one or both are unchecked, click "Change Settings"
    Win7Firewall Step4.png
  6. Make both check boxes checked
    Win7Firewall Step5.png
  7. Click Ok
    Win7Firewall Step6.png
  8. Launch Vuze