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Creating a subscription from your downloads[edit]

You can create a subscription based on your downloads by doing the following:

    • Create a category (right click on download and select 'assign category'), say 'MyStuff', and assign downloads to it
    • Install the RSS Feed Generator plugin and configure it to serve an RSS feed for your categories, say http://localhost:6889/feed.xml?cat=MyStuff
    • Install the DDB Feed plugin and add the local RSS feed (http://localhost:6889/feed.xml?cat=MyStuff) as a published resource with a local name, say 'MyStuffFeed'
    • Find the publish descriptor in the seeding area of Azureus (called MyStuffFeed.feed.publish.xml) and right click on it and select 'Create DDB Feed Subscription'
    • A new subscription will be created in the left-nav area representing this feed. Click on it and edit it to give it a more sensible name. Then right click on it and 'export' it to give you a .vuze file you can share with other users interested in the feed.

Simple! Other users wanting to download using the subscription will also need to install the DDB Feed plugin (but not the RSS Feed Generator).

Of course, if the subscription is public then any downloads associated with it will be linked to the subscription so that other people can automatically discover your subscription.

What's new with Subscriptions?[edit]

With the launch of Subscriptions, you can now request that specific content be sent to you automatically. Just look for orange subscription buttons:

1. Within the Vuze HD Network 2. In your Library

Advanced Users: You can also create a Subscription using search, or an RSS feed on a 3rd-party site. Click the + button next to Subscriptions in your Sidebar, and select the "Create New Subscription" button at the bottom.

How do I subscribe from the Vuze HD Network?[edit]

In various places on the Vuze HD Network you'll see orange subscription buttons. By clicking them, you can “subscribe” to related content, and get automatic updates in your Sidebar when new content is added to that Content, Category, Channel, or Publisher. You can set your subscriptions to download automatically, or simply to notify you when new items are available. In order to download automatically, your computer must be connected to the Internet and Vuze must be running.

As new content is posted to Vuze, it will automatically be sent to you in your Sidebar under Subscriptions. A number will appear next to the subscription name in your Sidebar whenever new items are ready to download.

How do I subscribe from My Library?[edit]

An orange subscribe button will appear next to specific items in your Library whenever there are existing subscriptions relating to that content. Some of these may have been created by Vuze, while others may have been created by other Vuze users and “shared.”

After clicking the subscribe button, select from the list of available subscriptions on the left-side of the dialog box, and select one by clicking Subscribe. You’ll then see it in your Sidebar.

How do I create a new subscription using search?[edit]

Type in a search using the Vuze Search Box, and click the orange subscribe button in the upper right corner of the Search Results Page.

Search rss.png

After clicking Subscribe, follow the 3-step process outlined at the top of the Search Results Page to complete your subscription: Refine, Name, and Schedule.

Note that the subscription can only be set up to work with one of the search templates, the 'Refine' step requires you to select the one to use - here the 'Internet Archive' is being selected by clicking on it:

Search rss select.png

This will add your saved search under Subscriptions in your Sidebar, and a number will appear next to the particular Subscription whenever new items are available.

Saving subscription downloads in a separate folder[edit]

With the advent of Tags within Vuze it is possible to configure a subscription so that downloads from it are placed into a specific folder.

First assign a tag to the subscription by right-clicking on it in the side bar and selecting the Tag menu.

Next, go to the tag in the sidebar, right click on it and set its 'initial save location' from the Files menu.

Note that there is a bug in 5620 that prevents this from working correctly with subscriptions that have 'auto download' enabled - join the Beta Program to get a fixed version.