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AzSMRC is a two part remote control and multi-user system for the BitTorrent client Azureus. With AzSMRC, you can have several people using a single installation of Azureus at one time. Even if you do not want multiple users for Azureus, AzSMRC is the most complete remote control system for Azureus to date.

AzSMRC is pronounced 'AzSmirk'


Leonard Brünings (damokles at users dot sourceforge dot net)

Marc Schaubach (omschaub at users dot sourceforge dot net)


System Requirements[edit]

Supported Operating Systems include any that both java and swt support (Windows, Linux, MacOSX, etc.)

  • Server system:
    • 1. A running version of Azureus or greater
    • 2. Java 1.5 or greater
    • 3. SWT version 3.2 or greater --- Note: A fresh installation of Azureus will provide this automatically
    • 4. Functioning internet connection with at least one port available for communication to the server default port is 49009)

  • Remote system:
    • 1. Java 1.5 or greater
    • 2. SWT version 3.2
    • 3. Functioning internet connection with at least one port available for communication to the server (default port is 49009)


Installation of AzSMRC comes in two parts:

Both parts require the Libraries:


  • Installing the plugin into Azureus

To install the plugin into Azurues, first Stop and Exit from Azureus. Then, open the plugin folder for Azureus in your file manager

For Windows, this is usually: C:\Program Files\Azureus\plugins

For Linux, this is usually: ~\.azureus\plugins

Next, make a new directory in the plugins folder called 'azsmrc' Go into this directory and copy the following items into there from the Library file:

 1.  azsmrcPlugin_x.x.x.jar
 2.  jdom_1.0.jar
 3.  commons-codec_1.3.jar
 4.  commons-io_1.2.jar

jdom and commons-codec/io are contained in the file. Be sure when uncompressing them, to keep the version number as is Azureus will not load them if they do not have them.

Finally, restart Azureus

  • Installing the remote control program

If you are on Windows you can download the full AzSMRC_x.x.x.exe which includes all necessary files.

If not you have to do following steps:

1. Create a directory of your choice and extract the contents of the as well as there

2. If you did not download the file with the SWT libraries in it, then you will need to manually obtain those and place them in your chosen folder yourself.

To download SWT visit here:


Setting up AzSMRC can be accomplished in two ways. The easiest is to use the GUI provided with AzSMRC in Azureus. When you open the GUI you are presented with a login screen.

The default login is:
 username:  admin
 password:  azsmrc

Once you have logged into the plugin, add a new user via the green plus sign. Be sure to fill in all of the details there, and click ok.

The connection port for the remote can be changed by going to Tools->Options->Plugins->AzSMRC

Another way to setup the server is to use the remote itself. Simply start the remote and log in to the server with the above username and password and the default port 49009. This way, you can run Azureus in 'headless' mode and access it exclusevily via the remote

Once there, click on the User Managment tools and add / edit users from there

SSL Setup[edit]

If you want to use SSL encrypted communication you need to create a SSL certificate first. To do that open Azureus and go to Tools->Options->Security and create a certificate.

As directed by Azureus, you will need the tools.jar file that is distributed in the Java SDK. If you have done that, enable SSL in AzSMRC settings and restart Azureus. Don't forget to enable SSL in the client too.


AzSMRC supports plugins. You can't use normal Azureus plugins, they have to be special AzSMRC plugins.

All you need to do is to place the jars in the ~/AzSMRC/plugins/pluginDir eg. ~/AzSMRC/plugins/scanerss

The main reason for plugins for AzSMRC is to expose remote interaction with Azureus plugins.

Possible Error Sources[edit]

  • If you are using any linux type and have a problem with the plugin or the remote please make sure you have SUN Java 1.5 or greater installed.
  • If you are running Vista please make sure that Azureus is running with admin privileges otherwise AzSMRC does not have access to its config files.


There is an option in AzSMRC called Statistics some disable it because they don't know what it means.

Allow Statistics simply adds the Plugin ID, Version and a randomly generated ID to the update query string.


So no sensitive data is being transfered. It is just for the Devs to see how many users use which version. Because you can't rely on download count really much.

User Comments[edit]

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