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Please note that contents of this page may be somewhat outdated. For an more updated list see the list here:

Azureus Plugins List[edit]

3D View of the swarm. Windows & Mac.
Displays advanced statistics per torrent. Warning: can use a lot of memory.
This plugin sets the category of your torrents based on patterns in the file name or torrent URL.
  • Auto Seeder
Automatically seeds files based on the contents of torrent and data directories.
This plugin allows you to specify a seed ratio, after which your torrents will automatically stop seeding. It is worth noting that this is different from Azureus' seeding rules -- those control the starting of torrents, this controls their removal.
Automatically adjust global upload speed limit based on network latency.
The plugin is incompatible with the current Vuze versions. You should uninstall it.
  • AzCatDest
Category based download folders.
For making backup copies of your current Vuze settings.
This plugin helps manage Azureus CVS releases by automating the process of checking for new builds, downloading them and installing them.
AzSMRC is a two part remote control and multi-user system for Azureus.
A remote control interface in HTML and Javascript.
Control Azureus or emit statistics using an IRC bot.
Set up a hot-key to quickly hide the Vuze user interface
  • Category Changer
Automatically changes the categories of torrents based on download status.
Lets users chat by creating 1 channel per torrent.
Example plugin for developers. This sample adds 3 columns to Azureus.
Example plugin for developers. Adds a graphical share ratio column.
Adds a column identifying the peer country in the details view, as well as small or large flags.
  • DHT Scraper
Distributed Database (DHT) torrent scraper.
The Distributed Database Trusted Feed supports the publishing of, and subscription to, content.
  • Download Focus Plugin
Provides the ability to concentrate on downloading a single torrent, (pausing all other active others), and then resuming all other downloads upon completion.
Example plugin for developers. Lists torrent files from a directory.
  • Extra Seeding Columns
Adds three columns to give seeding information: Actual Torrent file name, 1:1 upload ratio Eta and upload remaining percentage.
  • FireFrog
A simple FireFox-style download manager.
Modifying or create Azureus language files.
Receive notifications of torrent completion over Google Talk. Perfect for headless Azureus.
Monitor ISPs sending forged RST packets. Data is uploaded to create map of which ISPs send forged RST packets and where.
  • Jython Plugin
Provides a Jython environment inside Azureus for scripts and debugging purposes.
Use also the Mainline version of DHT.
  • Monitoring Plugin
This plugin uses JMX to display JVM information about memory usage, memory pools, memory managers, garbage collection, classes, just-in-time compiler, threads and more.
Adds support for overloaded trackers that use multiple ports to handle announces.
  • Peer Injector
  • PHP Control Layer
Interface for Azureus written in PHP.
  • Progress Bar
Adds a graphical progress bar column to MyTorrents.
  • Python Library
A Python library which allows interaction with Azureus via the XML/HTTP plugin. The library can be found at
Lets users rate and comments torrents.
  • Ribbit
A MAC only plugin which displays notifications like Download Finished using Growl, a unified notification system (more info: Ribbit can be found at
An RSS feed parser that allows unattended, automated download of torrents by means of advanced feed filter configurability.
Generate an RSS feed from your own downloads, based on category
This plugin reads an RSS feed and imports the torrent files into azureus, according to the filters you set.
This plugin allows you to import a list of IPs (to be blocked connections to Vuze) from one or more databases.
The plugin is incompatible with the current Vuze versions. You should uninstall it.
Note: current Vuze includes built-in IP Filters functionality, and the plugin is not needed any more.
Provides more customisable control over where data is stored.
ScaneRSS is a plugin application that reads RSS feeds and allows for automatic torrent download from these feeds by use of filters (rule sets).
This plugin adds three different seeding columns that are very useful for private communities employing ratio stats.
Exports torrents for shared resources to a directory.
Schedule your upload and download speeds based on time and day of week.
Provides a skinnable status icon column which gives the torrent status in a tooltip.
  • Status Mailer
Sends an email via SMTP when a download starts and/or completes.
  • Sudoku
Sudoku player and solver
This plugin lets you control Azureus remotely via a browser.
Helps seed torrents that are tracked by Azureus when there are a dedicated team of seeders.
  • Telnet Access
This plugin lets you control Azureus via Telnet.
  • Upload Shaper
Automatically adjust global upload speed limit based on download speed * factor.
A comprehensive remote interface for Vuze supported in many browsers, with specific support for mobile.
  • Windows Internet Explorer Torrent Bar
A Windows Internet Explorer toolbar plugin.
This plugin lets you control Azureus using an XML over HTTP remote interface.

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