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If you double click on a torrent in the main display tab called "Library" or "My Torrents" (or you select 'Show Details' from the torrent's context menu) you will open a new view named after that torrent.

In that view there are at least nine sub-displays giving advanced detailed information about that torrent. Depending on your plugins, there might be even more. You can tailor many table views (like Peers, Pieces, Files, etc.) with Column setup to display just the data columns you want.

General tab

All the information about the torrent such as per-torrent transfer rate, detailed info about the torrent, tracker status etc. The meanings are explained below.


Graphical section

This unnamed section gives graphical information about the selected torrent. This has two blue horizontal bars at the top. The topmost should become solid blue while your download advances, indicating that you have 100% of the torrented resource in the end. The lower one is marked Availability. This is a graphic indicator of how "available" each of the pieces of the file is among the peers you are seeding to. If a stripe is dark blue, it means that section of the file has the highest availability among all pieces. If a stripe is white, it means that section of the file has the lowest availability among all pieces. Colors in between stand for varying levels of availability. If there are more pieces of the file than there are pixels in your progress bar, the availabilities of all the pieces covered by that pixel stripe are averaged together to get the color.

Transfer section

This section contains information about the the transfer of the selected torrent. Most of the entries in this section are self-explanatory. If you don't understand a word, have a look at This funny word. Don't be confused when the number of peers/seeds you are connected to is bigger than the number of peers/seeds in the swarm. This simply means that Azureus could find peers/swarms unknown to the tracker via the distributed hash table.

Info section

This section contains information about the selected torrent itself. Furthermore, this section provides information about the tracker status. You can check if the tracker is running ok or if you have problems connecting, temporarily (timeout) or probably permanently (connection refused). A scrape error is not critical at all (it just means the tracker will not tell you the total number of seeds and peers in the swarm). You can also manually initiate a tracker update by clicking the corresponding button.

See also

Average Swarm Speed

Sources tab

This tab provides information about the sources, where you have acquired information about the seeds and peers in the swarm. If shows the different trackers associated with the torrent, information about peers from Peer Exchange(PEX) and DHT.

Originally Vuze and other bittorrent clients contacted only the main tracker and other trackers were for fall-back purposes. Currently, Vuze contacts also other trackers more actively.


Peers tab

This tab contains various information about the peers you are connection to for the selected torrent. You can find a detailed description below.


You can rather freely select the data items shown. Some of the most useful are explained here:

  • IP of the peer you are connected to
  • T Is "L" (local) if you established the connection, R (remote) if the peer did. If you have only local connections, the torrent's Health will remain yellow. A green health icon (smiley) requires remote connections.
  • Pieces the peer has
  • % Percent downloaded by the peer
  • Down Speed your downloading speed from the peer
  • Down Your overall download from the peer
  • Up speed Your uploading speed to the peer
  • Up Your overall upload to the peer
  • Stat Up An estimated value of the upload speed of the peer
  • Overall Down Speed The total download speed of the peer
  • S A peer can be snubbed for not delivering data at a high enough rate. This snubbing can be set manually.
  • Opt. Unchoke (Optimistic Unchoke) In the decision making of whom to unchoke, random has its place.
  • Client Type of BT client the peer is using
  • Discarded Amount of discarded data send by the peer.

The flags of the countries your peers are located in can be displayed thanks to the CountryLocator plugin. Install it, go to this details view, right-click and select the columns to display.

You can also see peer-specific info like a piece map displying a comparison of your and his pieces.

See an example at Column Setup.

Swarm tab

This tab graphically displays the swarm of the torrent. More details are provided below.


Some call the swarm view the "Giant Eye" because when you have enough connections that is what is looks like! If you are not sure what I am talking about, open the details of an active torrent and go to the "Swarm" tab...maximize your screen, sit back and be hypnotized.

The view has no actual purpose other than just providing a visual summary of the activity in that torrent.

Description of the main features:

  • The pie chart in the middle is your copy of the file. It is a pie chart representation of your completed download, so a half full pie chart means half the file has been downloaded.
  • Pies on the edge of the circle represent the seeds and peers in the swarm. They are sorted according to their completion percentage.
The Grey circle indicates that the peer has been snubbed. This basically mean that it was so slow last time information was sent/received, that it isn't a good option for the next connection.
  • The light blue lines indicate your upload connections. The box travelling along them is information travelling to another user. The speed the box is travelling at shows you how fast that connection is.
  • The darker blue lines indicate your download connections. The box travelling along them is information travelling to you. The speed the box is travelling at shows you how fast that connection is.

Pieces tab

Each torrent that you are downloading is divided into many small pieces to make transfer process easier to manage. Each piece has a hash specified in the torrent file to allow verification that the data is correct. In addition, pieces are themselves split into a number of blocks of a fixed size (usually 16 kB). The pieces tab provides you with information about these pieces for the selected torrent.


This tab contains information about the pieces currently being downloaded. Data fields shown can be modified by selecting "Column setup" from menu.

  • # The number of the piece
  • Size is the size of the blocks for this piece
  • # of blocks is the number of blocks in this piece
  • Blocks shows which blocks in the piece have been transferred. They key is the following:
    • Requested The block is requested (i.e. not downloaded yet)
    • Written The block is downloaded and written on your hard drive
    • Downloaded, write pending The block is downloaded but not yet written on your hard drive
    • Data is in Cache The block is held in the cache
  • Completed is the number of blocks that have been successfully transferred
  • Availability shows how well the block is distributed. For further information check out the availability page.
  • Type shows whether a piece is considerd slow or fast. Slow/fast is the categorisation of the peers that contribute to this piece. This was introduced in Azureus in order to limit the effect of "1 small block from a slow peer is blocking the piece completion". So all the slow peers contribute to "slow" pieces, and all the "fast" peers contribute to fast pieces. It helps keeping the number of concurrent pieces low, and so, the cache effect. The limit is at about 2kB/s, so it's really to avoid "blocking peers" from blocking pieces.

The bottom panel may contain either the Piece Map (in picture above) or the Piece Distribution chart (see the picture below).

The Piece Map (above) shows the availability count of each piece, whether you already have the piece, and also the possible upload/download activity of that piece (with a red triangle). The pieces with lowest availability have solid border, the ones with the second lowest have dotted border, and others have no border.


The Piece Distribution chart displays the statistical view to the torrent's health as bar chart of piece availability. It shows you how many pieces have availability X (ranging from '0' on the left to the number of contacted peers on the right). Each bar means one availability step and the height of the bar tells you how many pieces have that availability. The already downloaded pieces are marked with a dark color, so that you can see how your situation compares to the average peers in swarm.

The bar chart is updated regularly due to your downloaded pieces, acquiring new seed/peer connections or losing connections. As Vuze tries to download as rare pieces as possible from each peer, you should see most activity on the left side of the chart. In new torrents, the leftmost availability 0 (or 1) is usually the highest bar and when the pieces get distributed from the single original source, the other bars start to grow.

Files tab

This tab gives an overview of what files actually are in that torrent.


If the torrent contains only one file, this tab will not be very useful. If, however, the torrent is composed of many files, then you can control priority and monitor progress on individual files within the torrent. This can be useful if a torrent contains many files of which in fact you only need a few, in this case you could mark some files as lower priority or even instruct Azureus to not download files you don't need from within the torrent.

The priority field has the following values: High, Normal, Do Not Download and Delete:

Files will be prioritized, provided the piece rarity allows that.
Normal priority.
Do Not Download
The file is not download (yet), but the placeholder file is generated (allocated) for your disk
The file is not downloaded, and no space is reserved for it. However, as the beginning and end of the file will share pieces with neighbour files, it is possible that a file with wize of 0-4 MB is generated (depending on the piece size in that torrent).

Info tab

This tab shows rather similar info as the General tab.


Options tab

This tab allows you to adjust the per-torrent options.


By default, the torrent follows the global options, but you can here set options just for this torrent, if you want.

Console tab

You can have a look at all the console/debug output for this torrent in this tab. The console output enables you to see more details about the bittorrent protocol traffic regarding the torrent.


You can only see the output if you have the logging enabled in the logging tab of the options. You also have a few possibilities to alter the way the logging occurs:

  • Pause Logging pauses the logging as long as the checkbox is marked.
  • Update in real time lets the output be displayed in real time. If this checkbox is unchecked, the output is cached and only written to the console from time to time.
  • Auto-scroll turns on auto-scrolling for the output. This lets you see always the latest output without having to scroll manually.
  • Filter In this block you can choose what information you want to see. This helps you to minimize the output to exactly the things you are interested in. If you don't filter the output, it's likely you'll never find what you're looking for.

Chat tab

Tagging tab

Privacy tab

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