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i18nAZ is an Azureus plugin for modifying Azureus' language files (called ~MessagesBundle). Although the plugin is for internationalizing Azureus, the plugin itself is not currently internationalized. This means that the plugin controls are in English.


TuxPaper (tuxpaper at users.sourceforge.net)





Version Notes[edit]



Please read also the article "Translate Vuze".

  1. Get the CVS version of Azureus from http://azureus.sourceforge.net/index_CVS.php . This will provide you with recent MessagesBundles.
  2. Start Azureus
  3. Select View -> Plugins -> Internationalize Azureus. The default language (english) will load. You will initially have 2 columns: Key, and the default language.
  4. Click the "Add Language" button. Choose the Language you wish to edit.
    • If you want to start a new language, click the "New Language" button instead.
    • If you have already made your own, you can change to that directory and the list will update.
  5. A Column will be added with the language you choose.
  6. You can then use the following keys to edit:
    • <Arrows> Move you within the table
    • + expand a tree
    • - collapse a tree
    • <Enter> edit selected entry.
    • <Enter> (while editing) Save
    • <Esc> (while editing) Cancel
  7. When you are done, press "Save..". You will be asked for a destination folder. Select one, and your language file will be written.
  8. Send your language file to the Azureus people

Note for new languages[edit]

If your new language is country specific, you exit close the plugin window and rename the file to the following format: MessageBundles_xx_ZZ.properties, where

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