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This plugin reads an rss feed and imports the torrent files into azureus, according to the filters you set. You have to provide:

  1. The URL(s) of the RSS feed(s) (.xml, .php...) (if several, separate by ;).
  2. The filters:
    • "music;hdtv" for instance will look for any torrent from the feed mentioned above with either "music" or "hdtv" in it,
    • "" : the dot replaces any letter, "freedom", "freepom" etc. will match,
    • "trailer.*hdtv" : .* replaces any number of letters. "trailer.spiderman.hdtv" will work.
  3. The auto-check time interval

Be sure and do this first:

  • Enable logging in Azureus config (for possible bugs tracking)
  • Make sure you have a default download directory selected
  • Go to Configuration > Plugins and set the options.

This description is for the 2.0 version of the plugin that only works with the Azureus because it relies on the basic plugin view.

  1. it takes the rss channels from the configuration panel and separates them by the ;
  2. it gets the body of every link and extracts the xml text between the item tag
  3. it tries to get the link in the enclosure section
  4. if no enclosure section is defined it takes the normal link tag
  5. it checkes if the link is a torrent url.
    • first a fast check: is ending like .torrent?
    • if fast check failes: open a connection the the link an check if the type is like application/x-bittorrent
  6. if link is torrent get the filter setting
  7. separate settings by ; (Warning: no RegEx filter can be created with a ; in it)
  8. check every filter against the full item xml part (without any line break)
  9. if one filter matches add the torrent to the download list
  10. wait until the recheck time is reached


  • Markus Baeker



Latest Stable| v2.2|

Version Notes[edit]

  • 2.2 NEW: History Setting: Activate it will store all added torrents (url) to the config file if a torrent will be found again it will not be added a second time
  • 2.1
    • BUG: Somehow the case-sensitiv was reactivated in 2.0. Hopefully it now stays case-insensitive.
    • BUG: you had to add . in front and back. I have changed it, too. The plugin will add . to the test if it is missing.
    • NEW: added a timeout setting. If the server with the rss feed is to slow it will not wait infinite for the response.
    • NEW: added a 'fast check' setting. If it is set, the plugin will not connect to the server to check if the link is a torrent (it is faster, but links like ~http://torrents.unknown/server?torrentid=2346278467823 will not be recognized as a torrent)
  • 2.0: Smaller, faster and better!
  • 1.1: CVS version.
  • 1.0: version.

User Comments[edit]

(please add your comments, tips, tricks, suggestions, reviews, and etc. here)

  • Suggestion: Optionally add found torrents to front of queue. If I have other torrents running, the time-sensitive ones (the only reason i'm scraping the rss) get stuck at the back of the line.

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