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The "Team Seeder" plugin allows an Azureus tracker to manage a pool of other Azureus seed instances by asking them to seed a torrent when a peers starts downloading it.

Each seed opens a (configured) port so that the tracker can send requests to it. This port has to be open in any firewalls to allow the inward connection.

The tracker maintains a list of seeds to each torrent. When the tracker encounters a new downloader it sends a request to the seeds asking them to check the tracker (via an "announce" if running, a "scrape" if queued and starts the torrent if stopped).

A simple security measure is used to reduce the opportunity for someone hostile to send requests to the seeds - all members of the "team" (tracker + seeds) need to configure a shared "key".

The current implementation is aimed at supporting the seeding of largely inactive torrents to ensure that when a downloader comes along it gets reasonable service rather than having to wait for an existing queued seed to discover it. If you have seeds that are generally seeding (as opposed to queued), or busy torrents, then this plugin is probably not for you.

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