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DDB Feed plugin can act as a publisher or a subscriber to content.

As a publisher it takes a source of content (either a local file or a webpage) and makes a copy of this available as a torrent. It also makes a descriptor to this available for you to share with other people so they can subscribe to the content and get their own copy of it. The descriptor includes a public key so that when subscribers download the content they are safe in assuming that it came from the publisher. The plugin periodically scans the shared resource and will make a newer copy available to subscribers if it changes.

As a subscriber it takes a publication descriptor (for example a magnet link to the publish descriptor created by the publisher) and periodically downloads the latest content associated with it. It makes the content available via a local http port so the subscriber can easily consume it.

Why bother? It allows you to share dynamic content with multiple parties in an efficient manner in a decentralised fashion.

It can be combined with the Local RSS Generator or RSS Feed Generator (for example) to create a Subscription based on your downloads.


Here's an example that shows how you might share a list of downloads with a group of your friends - you publish the feed and your friends subscribe to it.


First create a category that you will associate with the downloads - right click on one of the downloads and select 'Assign Category', then the 'Add Category...' option. Fill in a name, for example 'Fred's stuff'. A category button will appear in the Library view with the category name. You can now assign other downloads to the same category by right-clicking on them and assigning them.

Note that in more recent versions of Vuze Tags have superseded Categories - the above process can be used with tags.

Now create a local RSS feed from the Tag/Category by right-clicking on the button and selecting 'Create local RSS feed'.

Go to your local RSS options under Tools->Options... and then Local RSS etc. Make sure 'enable' is checked, also verify the access field is set to 'local' (assuming you want to keep your RSS feeds private - you can also de-select the UPnP option)

Right-click on the link at the top of the options to open your local RSS home page. From here select the 'tags' or 'categories' entry. Your feed should be listed there, in the example it will be called 'Fred's stuff'. Right click on the link to copy the link's URL to the clipboard - it will be something like

This is the local URL of your feed - it is this feed that you are going to share. To do this go to the DDB Feed plugins options and make sure the 'enable publish' field is checked (restart Vuze after setting it if it isn't). Enter the name of your feed (Fred's stuff) into the 'Feed name' field and URL you copied into the 'Feed location'. Now press the Publish button.

A 'feed description' download will be added to Vuze - it will be called 'Fred's stuff.feed.publish.xml'. Right click on this and select the 'copy magnet URI to clipboard' option. This is the magnet URI you need to share with your friends (like magnet:?xt=urn:btih:LDJP6....). Email this to them, or Tweet it/blog it/whatever it and tell them to install the DDB Feed plugin in their Vuze. You can also share the feed description directly if you want to avoid the magnet download - simply share the contents of the XML file that the download contains.


To read from the feed your friends will need to make sure the 'enable subscription' option is checked in the DDB Feed plugin config. They then paste the magnet link into the 'Feed location' and hit the 'Subscribe' button. After a short time (the magnet download occurs asynchronously) the feed should become visible in the 'local subscriptions home page' (see the link in the DDB Feed subscriber config).

The final step is to right-click on the subscription URL (it will be something like

Now go to the Subscriptions entry in Vuze's sidebar and select the '+' button there to create a new subscription. Select 'Create New Subscription', select the RSS Tab and enter the URL you copied - now hit Save. You can then set a few more parameters for the subscription.

Done! OK, so that isn't as simple as it might be - if people are interested in this kind of functionality it could be made *much* more straightforward... feedback always appreciated!

NB: Private torrents won't be added to the feed as they generally contain tracker-specific personal identification.


Here's a link that you can use for testing


Follow the steps above for subscribing, pasting that link into the 'Feed location' and hitting the 'Subscribe' button in the DDB Feed's plugin configuration page. Be patient, but if things aren't working after, say, 10 minutes, post to the forum in case the feed publisher is misbehaving.

It is also possible to construct an 'azplug:' URI that will prompt to install the plugin if missing and when installed auto-subscribe to the feed. Note the 'arg' parameter than contains the URL-escaped magnet feed above.

  • I2P equivalent test feeds are

and the associated


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