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Bad torrents of a special kind[edit]

Along with good torrents bad torrents have appeared. These torrents cannot be completed -- they stop at 97% or so. Sometimes, technical problems are to blame; see Torrents stop at 99 percent. The first really bad torrents appeared around July 2005 and are probably an effort to disrupt BitTorrent networks.

How can a torrent be bad if there are so many seeds or peers?[edit]

Bad torrents become popular when bad trackers report false data about them. For example, a bad tracker may report that there are 300 seeds with 2000 peers. The seemingly high availability suggests to downloaders that the torrent is sound, popular and fast, so everyone starts downloading the torrent and inflates its popularity even more.

What should I do with a bad torrent?[edit]

Delete it - get good torrents instead! HealthOk.gif

Read the Azureus FAQ