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Where to file which kind of bug[edit]

Slow speeds, (constant) memory use and high CPU usage
Go to look for help in the Help/Support forums.
Bugs in the latest stable version, but not any more in the current beta CVS builds
Please don't report those, as they're already fixed
Bugs in the latest stable version and CVS builds
Use the Open Development forum, and report the bug there. Also check the Open support and other forums for reports about the same issue before reporting a new bug.

Rules of thumb[edit]

Be specific.
Don't use vague sentences like "Azureus crashes." Giving details such as "Azureus crashes whenever I click on the Help menu and choose About Azureus" is much better.
Give lots of information.
Generally, more information is always better. It is much easier for a programmer to ignore details that aren't relevant than it is to guess at something they need to know. Have a look at the next chapter to see which information is necessary.
Testing with current version
Before you report a bug you should make sure if it's not already fixed, so please test with a current beta
Looking for other bug reports
If you're filing your Bug report on SourceForge, dig through the other bug reports to see if you can contribute additional information to one that already exists and matches your case instead of adding another one.

Isolating the problem[edit]

If you find that after following the above rules, you still need to report a bug, then try to isolate the problem as much as you can. This is very helpful to the Azureus developers to determine what the problem is - sometimes you may find your problem is being caused by something other than Azureus itself.

Try earlier versions

Try using an earlier version of Azureus to see if the problem was recently introduced. Try to recreate the bug with the previous two official releases if you can, this can make it clearer when the bug was introduced. To use older versions of Azureus, you can download the Azureus2.jar file from here, and then use the same instructions on how to install the latest beta versions of Azureus. This is strongly recommended if you believe the bug is related to you upgrading to the latest version of Azureus.

Try other BitTorrent clients

If you are having network problems or speed issues, try seeing if you get the same problem with other BitTorrent clients - sometimes your ISP, network setup or firewall can affect the performance of BitTorrent traffic.

Try other downloads

If you are experiencing problems with a particular download, try with another download, preferably one which is on a different tracker (here is one location where you can get well seeded content).

Information to include[edit]

Instructions how to reproduce the bug
In order to figure out a fix, the developers need to able to reproduce the bug, so that they can debug it more closely.
Information about your system
Vuze works in many operating systems, and some bugs might be related to just some operating system (like Mac OS X) or even to an OS version (like Mac OS X 10.4.11). Needed minimum information:
  • Your Operating System (including the processor architecture and flavor)
  • The version of Azureus you were running, especially if it is a CVS/Beta build
  • The SWT version used by Azureus (see Help -> About)
  • The java version you use
    you can determine that by typing java --version on the commandline of your OS or by selecting Help -> About Vuze from menu in Vuze
Note: You will find all that information handily from Help -> About Vuze menu, from where you can copy-paste that system summary text with mouse, so that it can be attached to a bug report ro forum discussion. Example:
Java 1.6.0_20
Sun Microsystems Inc.
SWT v3650, win32
Windows 7 v6.1, x86
V4.4.0.7_B02/4 az2
Help AboutVuze SystemInfo.png

The language profile you're using
If you are not using the default English language pack, please report that, too.

Crashes, Hangs and memory leaks[edit]

  1. Clear all log files under %appdata%\Azureus\logs\ (windows) or ~/.azureus/logs/ (*nix), enable logging (tools -> options -> logging) and wait until the problem occurs again.
  2. generate a complete debug report (Help -> Generate Debug Info) and include it in your bug report.
  3. Add the java crash logs named hs_err_pid<nnn>.log (where nnn is some number) which are located in the Azureus executable directory to the zip or submit them separately.
  4. Have a look at Vuze disappears how to determine if some application might be conflicting with Azureus.

Go to tools -> options -> logging and generate the diagnostic info. Put that into a text file and add it to your bug report.

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