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The 'Delete' (or 'Remove') torrent command was changed in Vuze Earlier there were several slightly different Delete methods, which are now unified.

Selecting "Delete" from top toolbar button or from torrent's context menu will bring up a dialog, where you can select to:

  • Remove from Library: just remove/deactivate the torrent from Vuze. Do not delete the downloaded data file.
  • Delete from Computer: remove the torrent and also delete the actual downloaded data file from disk
  • There is also a checkbox for deciding if the .torrent file is deleted as well.


Since version there is an option in Files options that controls the default for the .torrent checkbox.

File Deletion options since[edit]

Beta versions since contain an additional File deletion option related to the action for the 'Delete' button on the top toolbar:

  • Ask: ask the user whether the torrent is just removed or the data file should be deleted.
  • Delete without asking: delete data file from computer
  • Only remove from Library: do not delete the data file

This replaced the earlier option to confirm the deletion. The deletion options have also been grouped more clearly:


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