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What is a Torrent?

So you want to download something, why do you need to know about 'Torrents'? Unlike many downloads you can find on the internet (e.g. the Vuze installer you probably downloaded to get Vuze) Bittorrent downloads aren't stored on a central server - they are made available by other peers on the internet. When you run Vuze you become one of these peers.

The group of peers that either have the download, or are currently in the process of downloading it, is called the 'swarm'. Each download will in general have a separate swarm as different peers are interested in different downloads. You can see a download's swarm via the Swarm Tab.

A torrent file contains the information (central and distributed trackers, web seeds, integrity checks...) that Vuze needs to locate and talk to the other peers in the download's swarm. So before you can start downloading the file itself you need to find the associated torrent file and open it within Vuze.

How do I search for and download a torrent?

To search for a specific torrent within Vuze just move your pointer to the search box at the top of the window, click it, type your desired search item and hit enter.

The result page will contain 2 tabs: Web Search and Meta Search.

The Web Search tab acts like an internal web browser and will provide the results of an online search for the keyword(s) you have entered. The results from this tab include websites, images, videos, news and more.

To directly access the list of torrents containing the keyword make sure to click on the Meta Search tab.

To download a torrent, click on the “Download” button next to it in the results list.

Vuze Search.PNG

How do I open a torrent or magnet link?

Go to the top left of the Vuze window and click the Open Torrents button.

A menu for adding torrents will pop up and you will notice several options.

To open a locally stored torrent file, just click the Add Files button and browse to where the torrent file is stored, select it and click Open.

To open a torrent link from the Web, simply download that torrent file and click on it once it has been completely downloaded. This will automatically add it to Vuze in the "Downloading.." window.

The option to add torrent URLs to Vuze is also found by clicking the Open Torrents button, along with support for magnet links, folders or clipboard paste.

You can find buttons for each of these options in the Open Torrents menu, the process being similar.

Vuze Open.PNG

How do I perform a Speed Test?

Performing a Speed Test will help Vuze identify the optimal speed settings in order to maximize your download speed.

The Speed Test can be performed from Vuze's “Getting Started” page or from the “Help” menu.

For more details see the Speed Test FAQ

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Watch the Video Tutorial

Check this short video tutorial on how to search, open and download torrents with Vuze Bittorrent Client 5.0


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