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In the General tab (or the My Torrents view with the appropriate plugin active):[edit]

  • In the "Downloaded" bar:
    • Dark blue are pieces that are entirely downloaded
    • White are pieces that are not downloaded
    • Intermediate colors are only used when there are more pieces of the file than there are pixels in your downloaded bar; they represent the percentage of blocks represented by that pixel that have been entirely downloaded.
  • In the "Availability" bar:
    • Dark blue are pieces that have the highest availability of all
    • White are pieces that have the lowest availability of all
    • Intermediate colors represent pieces that have intermediate availability
    • If there are more pieces than pixels, the same "averaging" mechanism as the Downloaded bar is used

In the Pieces tab:[edit]

  • Dark blue are blocks in the given piece that you've received
  • Dark blue with a gray stripe on top are pieces that have been received, but not yet written to disk (that is, they're temporarily in the cache) - these are usually written (and thus, become full Dark Blue Bars) when either the cache fills up and writes some data to disk, or the full piece arrives, at which point it is to disk in its entirety.
  • Light blue are requested blocks
  • Red are blocks that are in the process of being written to disk. If you have many red strips at the same time, your disk is probably a bit slow. See options under Files/Performance to tune the buffering.

In the Files tab:[edit]

  • Dark blue are received pieces
  • Grey are requested pieces
  • Red are recently-downloaded pieces

* where "blue" is the theme color you chose in Configuration