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This article describes the typical reasons for a problem, where Vuze either constantly/frequently resets the speed limit settings or does not follow the settings you have made.

Note: You can see the current speed limits in the bottom of the client. If Auto-Speed is enabled, the current speed limits is shown in brackets on the Status bar, and an asterisk '*' indicates that Auto-Speed is active. In the following example, there is 91K = 91 kB/s in brackets as the upload limit, and the current upload speed is 91.0 kB/s. (In the example there is also a fixed 1050K limit for download speed.)

That seemingly erroneous behaviour may a be caused by autospeed functionality or by a mishaving plugin.

First, consider if you have enabled autospeed functionality somewhere.

  • In Transfer / Auto-speed options, disable the built-in Autospeed. (Or if you want it active, check the speed limits you are setting there.)
  • If you are using the old Autospeed plugin (visible in plugin list in Options), disable it from plugin options and uninstall using the plugin uninstall wizard. The plugin is incompatible with current Vuze.
  • In Transfer / LAN options, disable "separate LAN speeds". That functionality would help you only if there would be several bittorrent client active in the same local (home) network and those clients would be active in the same torrents. If you have this settings enabled and your client erroneously thinks that other peers are in the network, it may disregard the other speed settings.

Secondly, have you installed the SpeedScheduler plugin? That plugin is used for adjusting speed limits based on a time schedule.

  • Even if you have not created a schedule for it, the plugin may adjust the speed limits to (low) defaults set inside the plugin.
  • So, either configure the plugin properly or uninstall it.

Thirdly, the problem may be caused by a buggy or old plugin incompatible with the current Vuze.

  • The old Safepeer plugin is incompatible with current Vuze. Uninstall it and use the built-in IP filters. Safepeer may e.g. cause Vuze to lose the speed limits totally.
  • Swarmscreen and 3dview plugins have been mentioned a few times as causing problems with speed settings.
  • If you can't figure out any other reason, try to disable all the non-standard plugins and to identify the culprit that way.

If nothing else helps, you may have to reset your Vuze settings.