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Do you have questions about Vuze, need support or want to discuss a topic with other users? Please use the Vuze Forums, as this Wiki is not intended for discussion activities.

Vuze Plus: the main web site has a Plus section containing advice for Plus related things and also the forum has a section for Plus related matters.

Please also read the Vuze Blog, which contains developers' messages about the current events and new features in recent Vuze versions.

You may also visit Vuze home page, which contains a support section, where you can search for additional help.

Or are you looking for other ways to Helping out the Azureus team?

This wiki is intended to provide information for developers and users. Thus you should only start a new article when you don't find anything with the search function or in the Azureus_FAQ. An article should not consist of a support request but of the support itself, thus if you can't contribute you should visit the above mentioned locations. If there already is an article but you feel it should be extended feel free to extend it yourself or add a hint on the discussion page that belongs to it.

If you just want to play around and test the wiki functions you can use the VuzeWiki:Sandbox

If you really feel there should be an article on a topic that would be interesting for many end-users or developers please add a link to it where you think it is appropriate (i.e. the FAQs), please don't create empty articles which are linked from nowhere, because they won't be displayed on the Special:Wantedpages. If you feel an article should be extended/cleaned up add a comment to its discussion page and add a link to the Category:Stubs category by inserting the following code at the bottom: [[Category:Stubs]]

And when you think a page should be deleted (including a discussion page) add it to the Stubs, too.

In case this article will be extended to cover other topics to current content should be outsourced to an usage instructions page