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If you need help using Azureus go to the IRC channel #azureus-users on

Helping out with the Wiki[edit]

If you're an Azureus power user, experienced with wiki maintenance or can contribute otherwise to the AzureusWiki you need an account since editing has been restricted to logged in users. Since this wiki was attacked by spambots in the past and the community of experienced users is small this step was necessary.

Getting an account is easy, but requires a bit of patience. You have to join the IRC channel #azureus-wiki on Once you've arrived there you must state an email address and your desired account name. You also should explain why you want an account/how you want to contribute; this is not mandatory but helps us to make sure you actually want to do something that requires an account.

Note: #azureus-wiki is reserved for discussion about this Wiki and not for Azureus support/troubleshooting.

Contributing to the wiki - Where to start?[edit]

Have a look at the to do list page which contains some ideas what articles could be created or modified.